Product Lines

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Buffalo Abrasives – Resin and Rubber Bond – Grinding, Cutoff, and Regulating Wheels
Carborundum Abrasives – Bonded and Coated Abrasives
Carborundum Grinding Wheel Co. – Resin and Rubber Bond Wheels Grinding, and Cutoff. Regulating Wheels
Merit Abrasives – Coated Abrasives
Random Products – Discs, Belts, Cutoff, Depressed Center Wheels, Diamond Wheels, Flap Wheels and Discs
Tyrolit/Radiac – Vitrified & Resin Grinding and Cutoff Wheels
United Abrasives – Discs, Belts, Cutoff, Depressed Center Wheels, Diamond Wheels, Flap Wheels and Discs
VSM Abrasives – Abrasive Discs, and Belts

Band Saw Blades

Amada – Bi-Metal & Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades
Eberle – Bi-Metal, Carbide Tipped and Carbon Band Saw Blades
Starrett – Bi-Metal and Carbon Band Saw Blades, Hole Saws, Reciprocating Blades

Carbide Inserts, Indexable Milling Cutters, Turning and Grooving Toolholders

Dijet, Inc – Indexable End Mills, Face Mills and Inserts
Dorian Tool – Carbide Inserts, Toolholders for Turning, Facing, Boring
K-Tool – Indexable End Mills,Face Mills, Slotting Cutters, Radius Mills
Kyocera Precision Tools – Carbide, Ceramic, Cermet CBN, and PCD Inserts for Turning, Milling, Cutoff, Grooving Inserts
Thinbit – Threading & Grooving Tools for O.D., I.D. Face Grooving Tools
Toolmex – Carbide Inserts, Toolholders, Boring Bars, Bison Chucks


AF Fluids & Lubes – Water Soluble Synthetic Oils For Sawing
Hangsterfer’s Laboratories – Complete Line of Cutting Fluids, Oils, Vegetable Based & Synthetic
Unist – Saw and Machining Lube Systems for Near Dry Machining and Metal Forming

Solid Carbide, HSS and Cobalt Endmills/Drills/Taps

HTC/Quinco – HSS, Cobalt, Carbide End Mills
IMCO – Solid Carbide End Mills, Burrs, Engraving Tools
KEO – Center Drills, Combined Drill and Countersinks
Kyocera Precision Tools – Solid Carbide Round Tools from .004” Dia.
Melin – Hss, Cobalt, and Solid Carbide End Mills
Morse Cutting Tools – Drills, Taps, End Mills, Reamers, HSS and Carbide
Michigan Drill – HSS, Cobalt, Carbide Drills and Reamers
Reiff & Nestor – Taps all Types
SOWA – Taps, Rotary Toolholders, Collets, Vises
Widell – Special Taps
XLN Enterprises – Solid Carbide End Mills

Linear Motion Systems

Thomson Linear


Everett Industries – Abrasive Cutoff Saws, Belt and Disc Grinders
FEIN Power Tools – GRIT by Fein Abrasive Belt Grinders and Pipe Processing Machines
Grob Inc. – Vertical Contour Saws
Jet/Wilton – Lathes, Milling Machines, Drill Presses, Band Saws
Kalamazoo Industries – Abrasive Cutoff Saws, Belt and Disc Grinders
Kalamazoo Machine Tool – KMT Band Saws, Circular Cold Saws, Manual and Automatic
Marvel Mfg – Manual and Automatic Vertical Tilt Frame Band Saws, Ironworkers
Spartan by Marvel – Manual and Automatic Horizontal Band Saws, Vertical Contour Saws
W.F. Wells – Manual and Automatic Horizontal Band Saws, Vertical Contour Saws

Power Tools

Fein Power Tools – Magnetic Core Drills and Bits, Grinders, Polishers
Morse Metal Devil – Portable and Hand Held Circular Cutoff Saws, Blades


Ready Technologies – Die Sets, Die Springs, Nitrogen Cylinders, Hydraulic and Cam Drive Units, Ready Benders

Tool Holding & Accessories

Aloris – Lathe Tool Posts and Tooling
Dorian Tool – Carbide Inserts and Toolholders for Turning, Boring, Grooving, Threading, Tool Presetters
Global CNC – Toolholder Bushings, Boring Bar Sleeves, Coolant Nozzles and other accessories
Techniks – Rotary Holders and Collets. Lfiting Magnets, Magnetic Workholding
Toolmex – Carbide Inserts, Toolholders
Bison/Toolmex – Lathe Chucks
Cushman – Drill and Lathe Chucks
Kurt – Milling Vises
Sowa Tool – Milling Vises

Welding Supplies

Anchor — Welding Supplies
Weldcote Metals – Spooled and Cut Length Weld Wire, Stick Electrodes, and Related Products

Vending Systems

Automated Inventory Solutions