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MFH-Raptor High Feed Milling

Discounted MFH-Raptor Hight Feed Milling Kits

0.500 – 1.500″ End Mills
1.500 – 6″ Face Mills
Cost-effective milling kits available for the MFH_Raptor, MFH-Mini, and
MFH-Micro high feed milling cutters
Kits include 1 holder and 10 compatible inserts

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New DRV Magic Drill

Discounted DRV Magic Drill Kits

.625 – 1″ 2xD to 6xD
Cost-effective drilling kits available for DRV Magic Drills
Kits include 1 DRV drill body and 10 compatible outside inserts and 10 inside inserts
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DRA Magic Drill

Discounted DRA Magic Drill Kits

.313 – 1″ (.794-25.5mm) 1.5xD, 3xD, 5xD & 8xD
New Near Flat Bottom Inserts Available
Cost-effective drilling kits available for DRA Magic Drills
Kits include 1 DRA drill body and 1 compatible insert tip
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